290fth 1979

From the Left Vic Cowley, Steve Harvey, Half of Freddy Wills

260FTH Tolgus Tunnel 1976

Photo by Eric Parsons, originially in mining in Cornwall today.

From the left, Albert Rowe, Chris Iverson and Dudley Stephens

Chris Iverson 1976 260FTH

Dont laugh he aint wurzel Gummidge!!

290FTH 1978ish

On the left Freddy Wills and Ray Thomas

260FTH 1976

From the left, Pete Berwick, Kevin Bishop, Robin Boon, Dudley Stephens, Ted Ball

290FTH 1979

From the left, Vic Cowley, Freddy Wills, Chris Iverson

290FTH Xmas 1979

The Four Visable Miners from the left Pete Jameson, Alan Pope, Colin Williams, Kevin Bishop.