1 The following definitions apply with regard to the Cornish Miners Association:

a) A 'Mine' means any metalliferous mining operation past, present or future in Cornwall
b) A 'Member' is anyone who has been employed by a mine as defined in a) for any period
c) An 'Associate Member' is anyone who has paid their membership fee but has not been employed by a mine as defined in  a) above
d) The 'Membership' means all the members and associate members of the Association as defined in b) and c).
e) The 'Constitution' means the Constitution of the Cornish Miners Association
f) The 'Association' means the Cornish Miners Association
g) The 'Committee' means the properly elected group responsible for managing the affairs of the Association
h) A 'Quorum' is the minimum members present for valid decisions of the Association to take place

2 The Cornish Miners Association is a non-profit making and non-political organisation. The Association will endeavour to provide its membership if, and when, possible with:-

a) Regular social events and get togethers
b) Help in maintaining contacts between former work mates
c) Information and advice to members in their everyday life
d) A voice in public but not of a party political or sectarian nature except as it directly affects the Association.
e) A regular news letter

3 The Association will not take responsibility for any actions of its membership whether they be of a political, sectarian or any other nature
4 The Association will be run by a Committee which will comprise of the following officers and members, nominated and duly elected by the members of the Association as defined in Section 1.b of this Constitution :- Chairman - Responsible for the overall management of the Association Vice Chairman - To act in place of Chairman or other officers Secretary - Responsible for the organisation of Association business Treasurer - Responsible for the financial matters of the Association Membership Secretary - Responsible for membership matters Publicity Officer - Responsible for dealings with the media Committee Members - Minimum of four, maximum of ten The committee will therefore consist of between ten and sixteen members. If possible at least one committee member should represent each of the former mines/areas.
5 All the committee members with the exception of the Chairman will be elected annually at the AGM. The Chairman will be elected for a maximum of two years in the post with a minimum break of two years between holding the position. The Chairman will only have a casting vote on the committee
6 The committee can:-

a) include a nominated but non-voting associate member to speak on behalf of the associate members
b) invite persons to attend committee meetings in a non-voting capacity if they have knowledge to impart in the interests of the Association
c) appoint sub-committees if necessary to look into and make recommendations on specific matters

7 The committee:-

a) must comprise a quorum of four at any meeting conducting valid business on behalf of the Association.
b) must hold a meeting at least every three months
c) will endeavour to hold meetings in the various mining areas.

8 Members of the committee must attend a minimum of one-third of Committee meetings in any one year
9 The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on or around the first day of April and will give a minimum twenty eight days notice of the event to the membership. A minimum of twenty one days must be given for matters of a formal nature to be raised at the meeting
10 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called provided that:-

a) it was agreed by a quorum as defined in 7.a).
b) a minimum of fourteen days notice is given
c) there are at least twenty members present for valid decisions to be made

11 Alteration to any of the Rules and the Constitution of the Association can be made at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting that has been properly notified to the membership. Any alteration/s must be passed by a vote of at least two-thirds of the voting members attending and provided that there is a quorum of the committee as specified in Section 7.a).
12 Resolutions, motions or propositions for action to be taken must be proposed and seconded by separate members, whether in committee or at general meetings.
13 Votes on proposals must be taken either a) by show of hands, or b) by written ballot if, in the view of the Chair, the situation so warrants
14 The Association can, at the behest of its members, elect a President and Vice Presidents.. These persons can be anyone whom two thirds of the members consider eminently suitable for the posts.
15 The membership will abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Association
16 The Membership fee will be :-

a) paid in full annually and be due on the first day of April
b) paid in full within one month of the aforementioned date
c) paid in full for the year of joining
d) non-returnable except at the discretion of the committee.
e) for family membership limited to direct family domiciled in one household.

17 Only a member as defined in Section1.b). can vote in the proceedings of the Association or be elected to the Association's Committee
18 An associate member as defined in Section 1.c). does not have a vote in the proceedings of the Association and cannot act as an officer of the Association
19 Any member or associate member who has brought the Association into disrepute will have their membership rescinded forthwith if that is the decision of two thirds of the members present at a properly constituted committee meeting
20 If, in the course of time, the Association consists of less than 20 members and there are more than 80% associate members then a simple majority of the remaining members can vote to change the Constitution to allow the membership as a whole to have a vote in, and manage, the Association.