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Decline north crew 1980 (from Peter Hughes)

Back row L to R: Paul Lodey, Steven Lay, Kenny Trengove, Tony Hugo,Alan Oliver, Ivan Beringer, and Peter Hughes. Front row L to R: Alan Cooper, Dough Burrows, Ted Ball, Jimmy Clemence, Bob Harvey (Jnr), Treve Harris, Taffy Jones & Eddie Leak.

The end of night shift! (from Peter Hughes)

top: Tommy Rowe bottom: David Easter to the left of Arther 'Taffy' Hall

Robinsons Headgear (from Peter Hughes)

South Crofty Ltd (from Peter Hughes)

Picture of one of the glossy publications whilst the mine was owned by "The Saint Piran Group"

A schematic (from Peter Hughes)

A schematic drawing (not to scale) of South Crofty

Notice Board (from Derek Morgan)

This was one of the thousands of Crofty notice board posters that appeared over the years. The author is known, but he might want to remain anonymous!

Bombs (from Peter Hughes)

'Bombs', some dynamite to be put to work

340 (from Peter Hughes)

340 level, Cooks x cut N by No2

380 (from Peter Hughes)

380 Access looking up to the 370 winder

380 (from Peter Hughes)

380 level, Roskear, Diamond Drill Rig Sean Bryant

380 (from Peter Hughes)

380 No.2 Turn off Cooks,croust area