MEMBERSHIP AND EVENTS: Full members of the CMA must be people who have been employed in a metalliferous mine in Cornwall.
Associate membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the group, and participate in the various activities and functions that the CMA will be organising.
The CMA organises get-togethers for former and current employees of Cornwall's mines. Talks will also be given on all aspects of mining around Cornwall. The CMA will, when ever possible, produce a newsletter to inform members and associate members of forth coming events and to let them know what the CMA is currently doing. Our web site will also carry full details of any planned events, such as miner's re-unions, the AGM (for members) and talks (open to all).
All well wishers are encouraged to become associate members. Let us unite to remember the past, celebrate our friends and work mates and those who have gone. Fortun da than bal.
The annual membership fee for the CMA is 5.00, with family membership available for 10.00 (one per household). OVERSEAS membership is 7.00 per year for a single person, or 12.00 for a family (one per household). This is payable on the 1st of April each year.

To read the Cornish Miners Association Constitution click here