South Crofty mine near Redruth in Cornwall closed in 1998, bringing southwest England's 4000 year mining tradition to an end.
But - as Jolyon Jenkins discovered for BBC Radio 4 - its new owners are confident they will prove sceptics wrong, and bring the mine back to life.

Jolyon Jenkins explores the story of the last working tin mine in Cornwall, South Crofty near Redruth, which has re-opened for business but is not yet producing ore.
He meets the businessmen who are committed to once again raising tin from Cornish ground, hears from the Cornishmen divided on where Cornwall's future lies and why tin remains at the heart of Cornish politics.

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Tin Men was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 1102 GMT on Wednesday 11 March 2009.
Slideshow photographs courtesy Bernie Pettersen, Getty Images, PA, Jimmy Clemence and Mark Kaczmarek. Music: Cornish Lads by Jinks' Stack. Slideshow by Paul Kerley. Publication date 10 March 2009. Please allow a few moments to download large files. If you are unable to watch the video footage download VLC video player from here and install