List of words “used” in the Cornish tin mines


 A Words

Acetylene Lamp

Device using Calcium Carbide and water to form acetylene gas for use as illumination in ‘non-gassy’ mines. Type 1:-The cap lamp, which would last approximately four hours per charge. Type 2:-The hand lamp, which would generally last the normal seven and a half hours underground

Adit Horizontal access into and out of mineworkings. Usually used as drainage for the workings and for transport if suitable.
Adit Shaft Vertical connection between an adit and surface of the land. Primarily used for access and ventilation during the initial driving of the adit.    
Air General term for compressed air (see Compressed air)

Air auger     

A compressed air operated machine for boring holes in timber when constructing chutes, etc..
Air blast The initial ‘crack’ or ‘bang’ when air bursts behind a piece of rock. Often heard during or soon after baring down.
Air hose Flexible heavy duty hose, generally of reinforced rubber etc. connecting compressed air machinery to the fixed pipe network.
Air leg Device using compressed air and comprising of two or more steel tubes within each other and a variable pressure valve. The leg is attached to a hand held rock drill to elevate the machine & drill steel, keeping the bit firmly against the rock being drilled.
Air lift Device using a variable amount of compressed air within a dewatering pumping column, to help rise the water, particularly if there is much sediment, mud, grit etc present.
Air pipe Generally steel walled, latter sometimes plastic. Pipe ranging in diameter from 12” main through 6”, to 4”, in drives, with 2” and 1” in small workings.
Air ring A ring of,  usually ½” steel tube with connections from the main air line, the tube having a series of small diameter hole all facing forward. This had the effect of a ‘Venturi’ moving a large body of air.
Air saw Compressed air operated chain saw used to cut timber for support work chutes etc. (two man cross-cut saws used previously)
Air shovel or mucker Compressed air operated loading shovels, rail mounted or fitted with tyres see (Atlas Copco™, Cavo™, Eimco 12b & 21™ and LM56™) sometimes referred to as “AN OVER SHOULDER BOLDER THROWER!
AN-FO Acronym for Ammonium Nitrate – Fuel Oil, a blasting agent used widely in various forms during the 80’s & 90’s in tin mines in Cornwall.
An-fo loader  Device with a hopper holding AN-FO prill, that uses a venturi effect or compressed air to propel AN-Fo into the shot holes, both in development and stoping.
Anobel™ A proprietary name for AN-FO, in the form of pink coloured prill and delivered in 25 Kg. bags.
Anvil block A steel cylinder between the piston and drill steel in certain ‘stoper’ types of rock drills, the steels themselves being collarless.
Arch Steel sets in two or more parts, bolted together and in conjunction with others used to support weak or loose rock in mine workings. Generally covered with suitable timber and packing to the sides and back.
Atlas Copco™ A leading name in the manufacture of all types of mining equipement

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